Mobile Services

Mobile Services:

Apparatus Pump Service

  • Pump transmission filter removed, cleaned and transmission oil changed (oil included)
  • Clean relief valve and screen
  • Inspect and lube all suction valves
  • Inspect and lube all discharge valves
  • Inspect, clean, and lube all drain valves
  • Adjust pump packing
  • Fill primer oil (oil included)
  • Cycle primer to check for proper volume
  • Inspect all suction and discharge valves for proper seal


  • Drain pump to check proper operation of tank to pump valve
  • Check proper operation of tank refill valve
  • Check proper operation of pump re-circulation valve
  • Inspect water and/or foam level gauge and lights
  • Inspect all panel and warning lights for proper operation
  • Inspect all chassis and panel gauges
  • Engage pump and insure proper operation
  • Insure transfer valve proper operation
  • Insure discharge and vacuum gauges work properly
  • Insure relief valve and flush valve work properly
  • Inspect pump packing after operation


ISO Pump Test

  • ISO three-stage pump test and capacity test
  • Written service documentation provided


Rescue Tool Service

  • Change oil on power unit (oil included)
  • Clean tools
  • Lube tool pivots
  • Inspect system for leaks


  • Inspect hoses for wear
  • Insure proper working pressure
  • Written service documentation provided


Other Services Offered:

  • Portable Pump Service & Repair
  • Quarterly Truck Inspections
  • Onsite & Offsite Pump Rebuild
  • Onsite Valve Repair
  • Tank Replacement
  • Foam System Repair & Installation
  • CAFS Installation
  • Truck Refubishment
  • DOT Inspection